Building Up On Your Behalf

We approach tenants as residents, multifamily housing as communities and real estate management as our vocation.  Don’t wait for the dust to settle down on the productivity of your properties, let Canning build them up on your behalf.

Asset & Property Management

CMG provides a broad range of services but more specifically provides:
  • Construction Management

    Construction Management

    Canning Management Group has consistently controlled the means and methods of construction working with architects, builders, sub-contractors and state and local governments. CMG develops budgets as well as creates and manages project schedules. On-time, on-budget completion is a pillar of CMG’s success working collaboratively to create best value solutions for our properties and our clients.

  • Daily Property Operations

    Daily Property Operations

    Canning Management Group manages the day to day operations of your building with an emphasis on tenant retention. CMG handles applicant screening and approval, rent collection, preparing all vacant units to be market ready, all tenant inquiries (24 hour on call service), correcting all health and safety issues immediately, maintenance, landscaping to maintain curb appeal, mechanical issues, purchasing of supplies as well as selecting vendors through a competitive bidding process.

  • Energy Management

    Energy Management

    Canning Management Group understands the close tie between energy costs and building value. CMG takes a strategic approach to energy consumption and procurement across the entire portfolio of managed assets. CMG’s approach is one of energy efficiency, conservation and cost reduction.

  • Financial/Accounting Management

    Financial/Accounting Management

    Canning Management Group provides timely, accurate, and necessary financial information to our clients. Our systems and procedures ensure detailed tracking and reporting of financial information across our entire portfolio. CMG offers customized reports that deliver the information in a setup that is easy to understand saving our clients time and money.

  • Insurance Placement and Risk Management

    Insurance Placement and Risk Management

    Canning Management Group’s knowledge of the insurance market, relationships with real estate insurers and economies of scale allows us to secure the best policy terms at the best rates from established insurance companies. CMG partners with you to manage risk as well by handling insurance claims, monitoring all incident reports, assisting in investigation and recovery of damages.

  • Marketing Expertise to Increase Profitability

    Marketing Expertise to Increase Profitability

    Canning Management Group has developed and implemented marketing strategies to promote each owned and managed apartment community. CMG uses a wide spectrum of advertising to reach the largest audience including printed marketing pieces, email directed campaigns, web based listing services and targeted social media advertising. CMG takes pride in it’s long standing relationships working with the real estate brokerage community as well.

  • Preventative Maintenance Programs

    Preventative Maintenance Programs

    Canning Management Group strives to proactively identify and address all minor facility issues so that they don’t add up to major issues. Sweating the small stuff allows CMG to get ahead of costly repairs down the road subsequently minimizing inconvenience to tenants and protecting the value of your asset. Due to this mindset, properties managed by CMG consistently rank high in REAC and other state-required inspections.

  • Resident Relations & Services Programs

    Resident Relations & Services Programs

    William J. Canning’s vision was to not only provide quality affordable housing, but to advocate wellness and education for all residents. CMG’s certified Resident Services Coordinator, Gloria Issaco, has worked tirelessly to fulfill this vision by establishing best in class resident service programs that promote healthy living, offer recreational/entertainment opportunities and facilitate meals.

Ask Us About Acquisitions

Are you considering selling? Let’s talk. Canning Management Group is actively seeking acquisitions of affordable and conventional multifamily properties in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  While our target size is 50 units and up, we’re open to discussing any multifamily acquisition opportunity, offering flexible pricing and financing structures that suit your needs first.  As well as purchasing properties outright, CMG has and will purchase General and Limited Partnership Interests.  Ready to take the first step? Get in touch with us to start the conversation.

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Canning Management Group offers managerial services for financial institutions, private investors, and community development corporations in the real estate industry. For over 40 years, our clients have relied on us to be stewards of their multifamily assets, while our residents have depended on us for the timeless and treasured need for a safe and comfortable place to call home. Canning Management Group is actively seeking opportunities to manage affordable housing as well as conventional apartment buildings, senior housing and student housing.

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